I am excited to announce a partial listing of the upcoming national shows we have committed to do this year. Please take a look at all of the newly announced tour dates here.  There has been a busy interest in bookings for which I am grateful.  I will be playing house concerts and listening rooms on a national scale.  I hope to see you on the road.
You now have the opportunity to order hard copies of all of my albums in CD format. The titles included are as follows: Tribes, Second Chance, Jim Avett And Family, and For His Children And Ours.  Please send the titles you would like to purchase to the email address here as well as preferred payment method.  Check or PayPal are accepted.
Lastly on the news front, I think I have enough interest and material to start to make another album. The process is a long and involved one and in the infancy stage but it’s a consideration at this point.
Thank you for your support of creativity and interest in this music.